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For +20 years, we have been providing cutting edge telecom and finance services to millions of satisfied businesses and consumers arround the globe.
Our vision includes sophisticated, yet accessible solutions, along with excellent level of service that provides our customers with great user experience at attractive rates.


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Web-based e-wallets &
money transfer platforms

Pop Cash division handles global fintech ventures using cutting edge technology.
Our B2B department offers web based e-wallets along with mobile apps that specialize in the process, settlement, and exchange of payments, including foreign remittance.
Our B2C department offers revolutionary ATM based money transfer platforms, cooperated with global network of banks and ATMs.

Launch date for Beta version - March 2022.

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PopGlobal PopAirtime


Bulk TopUp & instant TopUp for prepaid mobiles

Pop Airtime division handles global credit airtime ventures.
Our B2B department provides various services, such as bulk top ups and white label merchant points of sales.
Our B2C department offers a user friendly web based service enabling global users to instantly top up any pre-paid mobile phone account worldwide in highly attractive rates.

For further details access: www.bunceit.com

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PopGlobal PopEnterprise


Complete package of cutting edge, cloud based, communication services to businesses

Pop Enterprise division offers a complete package of cutting edge, cloud based, communication services to businesses around the world.
We help businesses to grow fast, with our unique easy-to-use interface, offering a wide range of solutions, such as virtual telephone systems (hosted PBX), conference bridges, voicemails, multiple international phone numbers (DID) and much more.

For further details access: www.avalonetworks.com | www.avaloenterprise.com | www.rscombusiness.com | www.singlesource.services

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PopGlobal PopData


Global mobile internet access service & high quality internet connection

Pop Data division offers various products for international data usage.
Our B2B department includes a large net of MVNOs, providing us a wide coverage worldwide, along with unlimited, global mobile internet access service, using one unique data SIM card.
Our B2C department includes a revolutionary portable device that provides a high quality internet connection in more than 200 countries at flexible usage plans and attractive rates.

For further details access: www.wlcom.mobi | www.wizerfi.com

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PopVoice PopData


Global voice transmission services

Pop Voice division handles global voice transmission services. Our B2B department includes several ventures and one fully licensed telecom carrier located in Canada, connected to +800 telecom carriers worldwide, providing global wholesale voice & SMS termination and white label mobile apps.
Our B2C department offers various mobile apps for international voice calls with excellent quality at highly attractive rates.

For further details access: www.wlcom.net | www.rscom.ca

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PopGlobal PopIoT


World's standard for IoT security

POP IoT is the first security solution built specifically to protect against the new and growing vulnerabilities of the IoT universe. Utilizing proprietary technology and advanced algorithms, the POP IoT solution does what no one has succeeded in doing so far simplify and unify the complex and inefficient IoT security process.
All devices. All operators. All threats. One solution.

For further details access: www.popiot.io